Visions of a Watershed
Devene Tobie A watershed can be a beautiful astounding sight
It can be all different shapes, sizes, and heights The tributaries are like branches that separate and depart
Like veins of water where everything starts The terrain is what defines where the water will go
Usually it heads down the river, through the land, to our outflow When the water flows, of course it takes more than one day
But after the whole process, it ends up in the bay A watershed is precious, that is why we should all care
It provides food, shelter, and water for animals everywhere Take care of our watershed, try to keep it clean
It not only provides for animals, but also for you and me Use less harmful chemicals than Ajax and bleach
Stop polluting our air, ocean, ponds, rivers and creeks Everyone must help: girls, boys, women and men
In order to have a healthier environment and cleaner watershed
A Memorable State of Mind
Efraim Dacuma Knowing I might never visit again is hurtful
no matter how far the journey was
how all leg muscles cramped
how drops of sweat felt like a roaring waterfall
the lack of energy due to intense heat
sore feet trudging up a thousand steps of stone
through sun's horrific animosity It may seem like an ordinary rock
but there's more to it
crystals grew upon this rock
history upon history embedded
with features never seen by city streets Calm, rushing falls revealed it might be a dream
but one can never find this feeling
for once we return
this is just a memorable state of mind