Aaron Tam A place of peace and balance
Full of life and hope
A place made of life and death
Where plants and animals learn to live together
They say this place is barren
Empty of life
But we hide from their words and ignore their comments
Because of this, my failure to show
A different life started to bloom
Forced to live in areas separated from our people
Forced to live alone
I'm Walking Up the Mountain
Jamall Johnson I'm walking up the mountain
thinking about how it was back in time
where the native plants belong
growing in the spring, very fine Walking up the mountain
I wonder: Where did our great land go?
Chasing classmates up the mountain
I saw California poppies down low Climbing up the mountain
I saw a crazy flying vulture
hearing a bird sing in a tree
I saw eucalyptus are a monoculture Drinking from my water bottle
I was cruising up the mountain
trying to find a balanced ecosystem
I saw lots of plants that had me counting Writing down homework in my WALC Book
I fell and classmates were to blame
my shoes got really dirty
getting home late from field trips will always be the same