The Salmon:
Rebe A. Wagner Exhausted from his tiresome battle
swimming hundreds of miles against the current
to a slow pool where he started out Knowing his time is coming
he searches for a mate
Seeing a female laying eggs in the distance
he swims toward her with great excitement
A salmon strikes him in the side
he whips around to face his foe
Face to face they charge
their heads collide
Red water blinds him
he swims through to fresh water He has won the right to mate
hovering over the eggs, he spawns Tired, he looks for a place to rest
calm pool like a sanctuary
Darkness falls
he struggles to stay awake
using every last resource of energy
Everything is quiet
his eyes shut
He sleeps A Blinded Salmon:
Alysa Feng The sun shines bright
I see stones and feel water flow
I cannot find my home
I feel the sun's heat
Is the bright sun blinding me?
I am confused
Everything changed
I cannot find my way
Where is my home?
I am lost
I want to return homeā€¦
The water shimmers above me
A black shadow blocks the light
My life will end soon
I am helpless
I cannot finish my duty, pity me
I will die without peace
Only with hatred and regret