Fern Canyon
Marisa Miranda Little red berry
round as the bright yellow sun
hanging all alone from the wall of green
praying you don't fall in the light blue stream
hiding in disguise pretending to be a fern to stay alive
preventing people from eating you Squiggly thin vine
built your home up high
giving birth to a fruit
adding a touch of color to keep in style
remembered like a baby's first step A great big playground
entertaining humans and their imaginations
musical stream flowing throughout the whole canyon
tall trees posing to be photographed
rocks sleeping in the soil Sitting here today
feeling like a character in a child's storybook
wanting to come back to complete my adventure
I discover how it is to live without the city life
communicating to the careless world
leave this beautiful place alone The Old Growth
Maria Prieto-Romero Have you ever
seen anything
so powerful like
the Redwoods The branches that
touch the stormy clouds The missing pieces
of the body
that fire
has destroyed
but that didn't
stop the Redwood
from growing How from one
majestic being
another or a couple
exact duplicates
a trait humans wish to obtain How I try to
hug this tree
and find myself
laughing for
I thought I could
handle a
thousand-year old beauty No one can handle the old growth