Somewhere I Belong:
Bianca Chiara Fonda Few chances in life
to see such beauty
As I stroll through the grass
and pass soaring redwood trees
I overhear birds sing
Sun beats down on my face
and I think to myself
I've never been to such an
astonishing and amazing place
Standing here comforted and strong
I know here, I belong A Chance With The Ancients
Christian Munoz Out of soil and duff
arise these born redwoods
lighting up the forest like the sun
marking the birth of shelters for animals
and the continuation of their kind Reaching the sky with unimaginable heights
grown to the last foot
mature redwoods will ensure
that generations will exist
from cones fallen off branches
to clones with the same blood These dead and fallen giants
offer life within death
collapsed logs on the ground
hold the power of nourishment and energy
for trees to thrive Here seeing the whole cycle of a redwood's life
from seeds to brethren
and branches that touch the sky
tells me I shouldn't have
thought twice about coming to
Redwood National Park