Through The River Memories Flow
Lourdes Torres
Downtown High School Never had I imagined
myself beside a waterfall
watching shimmering water
flow slowly by
The music of the river
carries so much rhythm
dramatically meeting the surface
of moss covered rocks
for only as long as seasons change
like the voices i hear in my head
of wise teachers
and silly friends Knowing this is the last time
I treasure deeply
moments spent here next to the flowing river
taken back to my very first time
camping with WALC
in an enchanting wonderland Sitting on this gray rock
where ancestors sat before me
feeling sweet coolness
through the seat of my pants
slopign backwards
in the groove of stone
I relax into memories
of all the wonderful miles
I've shared with forest and wind Outside the Building of Books
Sonya Sia
Balboa High School Step outside the building of books
and enter a world that is pure yet not pristine
Once ignorant minds see more than the luxuries
that America forces its people to desire
Yet more and more ears open wide
to the knowledge preached
from mouths of wise minds
Listen closely as their emotions unravel into words
of forgotten languages once inscribed
on tongues of natives who sought
the Dream that ruined lives
Trot closely toward the people
who, like the soil, belong to without owning the land
that men have not treated as regal
though more precious than a king's corwn
First hand experiences with nature
don't come like second hand smoke
for medicine now cannot cure the smog
that stangles our future aspirations
because the city is no place
to accomodate the entire human race