Recipe for a Foggy Morning:
Amy Yee Boil water in a kettle
Wait for light smoky steam to appear
Take the fluffy steam
Dip it in gray dye
Add dashes of wind
Cover the sun with thick smoke
Build up the mist to weightless sprinkles
Distant scenes gradually fade away
Wake up
Savor the morning

Spirits of the Land:
Raul Cardenas I am the silent oak tree
Always listening to the music of the forest
Watching the day go by
Providing protection to those who need it I am the insignificant blade of grass
Constantly stepped on by careless people
But am still here, standing tall and proud
You can crush my leaves, but you can't crush my spirit I am the daring bird
Soaring through clouds
Until I land on a tree and rest
Then I fly again into the heavens I am the native plant, originally here
I try desperately to fight back against invaders
But we fight a losing war
Even if we are defeated, we will blossom again someday