Through the Cave of Life:
Joseph Fuller Have you ever seen a cave from the inside out? Medium dark to dark dark then black
pitch black Cold water dripping from sopping rock walls
slippery like a wet bathroom floor
glossy at first sight
like the reflection in a mirror
or a freshly waxed hubcap
but you can't really see yourself
though you know the image is there I feel closed in
the only way out is through the top I will keep going
second by second
like life Sometimes the only way to live life is to
go through it Life is like a cave
not to be feared
just to be taken slowly Even though it's dark
there is always a light at the end Forces:
Christine Gozum There is a force
in everyone and everything There is always a reason
for how things came about
how they came to be Two of the greatest forces
Gradational and Tectonic You need to stop
and think about why or how things are
they way they seem to be There is that external force
that breaks one down
It crushes the outside
so that the inner may be developed
Gradational Force There is the internal force
the drive comes from inside
exposing what's within
so that the outer may be developed
Tectonic Force The mountains, trees, the rocks
didn't just appear randomly
They weren't just placed on Earth
to keep the same shape forever
They have a purpose, driven by forces There are forces around us
that continue to mold who we are
Shaping us inside and out
ever changing
Just like Earth's belongings