Desert's Buzz:
Amelia Bjorkland I. Land You told me
about flat land
and I felt it
slowly rise upward Rolling hills broken
by steep declines
dusty granite-like hurdles
climaxing in a mud puddle This "oasis"
not one of budding fertility
nor vines to swing
but calmness, coolness, and serenity Of hairy "Cousin It" trees
of mile high clouds
of balancing act rocks
all intertwined with its history of life II. A Deep Sigh I ate, sat, wrote
and with a deep sigh re-entered the desolation
high off the desert's buzz
walking, trudging, scooting
guzzling water's kiss III. Blisters Hurt Finally the destination landed
but the hacked rolling hills
had left their mark
because blisters hurt
and the inspiration of cacti
Marvelous Cactus
Nicole Solon Burning in the dry plains
Waiting for this drought
to end Sun blazing down
Wind blowing
from all directions Small ones look cute
and big ones look menacing
with their species All scattered like a crowd
of people
at the immigrant march Or like an army battalion
on a battle field
looking sharp I stand side by side with my fellow cousins
in a vast field of what I am
Marvelous jumping cholla cactus