Snow Love, No Glove
Jeffrey Huynh Winter nights as cold as ice
snow as beautiful as a bright blue sky on a sunny day
yet I can only touch with a glove
My heart is devoured by the striking truth
but a glove I have not
It just doesn't feel right
No glove, no love
I still want to feel its cold comfort
but the pain chills me to the bone
Enduring pain can lead to everlasting joy
Unfortunately, touching the white angel
can melt it away
Is it true I'm too warm?
I break down and cry snowflake tears
My heart, my body
turn cold
One last touch
I'm the one who's melting Ode to Snow:
My Phung Hoang Snow is bright as the moon
Snow is a blanket
that covers my village
It is frozen tears
falling from angels in heaven
Snow is a piece of cloud
smashed by shooting stars
Snow is sugar
melted from thousands of stars
It is a hero
that saves the ground's life
from many feet