To Look at Wild Ginger:
Juan Guzman The wild ginger hides
on the floor
not any floor
but this floor of woodland A woodland that grows and grows
stretching for thousands of miles
into the vastness
of the sky A sky full of emptiness
Why is it there?
What is it for?
I ask The wild ginger
sprouting leaves
Those are three
Why three?
Is there a meaning I don't see? A meaning I don't understand
I know there is one
hidden in those three
heart-like leaves
Yes, hearts! But green?

Three green hearts
crossed by a white arrow
Those are the leaves
the leaves of a wild ginger A wild ginger
sits low in the redwoods
getting only glimpses
glimpses of the sky
Could it be? Could it be
the wild ginger is in love
in love with the sky? A blue sky full of sadness
full of white dreams
just waiting to be awakened
by that white arrow