Our habitat restoration project at McLaren Park and Bayview Hill, which is a partnership between WALC, the San Francisco Natural Areas Program, is an effort to restore/preserve the habitats of several endangered species that are endemic to San Francisco/Bay Area. To truly feel a connection to nature, we must learn how to care for a specific place. For us McLaren Park and Bavview Hill is that place. WALC has also participated in habitat restoration projects at Lake Tahoe and Redwood National Park


Welcome Back to McLaren Park!
Deborah Lucero Welcome back to McLaren Park, WALC!
Along with Downtown, we will have a talk
Introducing ourselves, meeting someone new
Restoring the park is what we're going to do
We worked here last year, but something went wrong
Non-native plants and weeds grew back, we thought they were all gone
Pick those weeds, get them from the root
Give the unnecessary plants the boot
By the end of this year we hope they're all gone
So all the native plants can live on
I Didn't Know I Loved McLaren Park:
Angelica Rodriguez I didn't know I loved the sunset colored poppies
vivid, full of life
waltzing with the wind
like waves in the sea I didn't know I loved the enchanting hummingbirds
fluttering their tiny wings
twice as fast as the eye can see
like butterflies in springtime I didn't know I loved the rain
rolling swiftly off slick leaves, onto lush earth
drip dropping from sturdy branches above
like a splashing waterfall I didn't know I loved McLaren Park
despite mankind's carelessness
surviving for so long
yet never failing to teach me something new