Cynthia Dominguez Today I feel happiness
Without the trees and water there would be emptiness
Right now we're going to have fun
While we try to unite as one
The trees and water are what we need to appreciate
And realize how precious life is
The rocks are huge and powerful
The trees are vital and captivating
The water is pretty and clear
You can hear the little waves collide against you
When you're near
Lake Tahoe is so unique and amazing
Without the grandeur it would be
When there is silence you can hear everything
The laughter of our thoughts
The birds singing melodies
The trees being moved by the wind
Our feelings uniting as one
When you're here you can see
The trees so green
The water clear as crystal
The ground so smooth
This is the place to be with family and friends
I just hope this memory never ends Where the Earth Always Speaks:
Shirley Lei There is a place where the Earth always speaks
There the water and air are clean
There the mountains grow; they don't stop
There the photograph expands long and far
where the silence interrupts
There the trees never are chopped
expanding their arms and legs to the water's gleam let us leave this place where people disturb
and noise and voices interrupt
past the giant silver walls filled with suits
We shall go the same way when animals take flight
and watch where water ripples, even just a scant
to a place where the sun is always on top Yes, we shall go where the animals go
and we'll watch the water make its ripples
For the students, we've been there
and the students, we know
the place where the Earth always speaks